The Kingsley Armoury is a craftsman shop where we create re-enactment, cosplay, martial arts, and outdoors gear. This can include suits of armour, shields, weapons, knives, belts, satchels, sporrans or gear harnesses.

I have an apprentice, whose work I supervise, however, most of the products are made by myself.  While not everything is made by hand, the majority is, and we ensure the best quality for the price paid.  All our products are built with excellence as our goal; this means you are paying for longevity, quality, durability and craftsmanship.  You could order it cheap from overseas, but you get what you pay for.

If you are considering making a custom order please take a few minutes to review the galleries on this site. If you decide you want to order a custom piece, contact me and I can make it happen.

Please also take a few moments to see what events I will be at, the newest items I have made, or see the deals that I randomly offer I encourage you to visit us on FaceBook.



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