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The Kingsley

dan kingsley

An Ottawa native, Daniel has tried his hand at many things. He has been a tax collector, private eye, security officer, teacher, banker, and investigator.  He studied martial arts on and off since the 1990’s.  While teaching in Korea he earned a 2nd Dan in Hae Dong Gum Do, at the Mae Ho Dojang under Master Park Young Il (5th Dan). His first time doing any work on a weapon was when Park Kwanjang Nim taught him to wrap the hilt of a training sword. After returning to Canada he started studying classical Japanese martial arts under Andy Keyworth at the Jinenkan Ottawa Dojo. He then studied the Fiore system, Dwight McLemore’s long knife and tomahawk fighting, and Italian stick fighting under Nicolas Conway of the Ottawa School of Western Martial Arts.

After 20+ years of training, his interest in the physical side of martial arts waned. It was during this decline that he found a new direction for his martial arts studies; the hand-crafting of weapons, gear and armour. It requires intellectual research, problem-solving and an artistic release that he finds very satisfying.

Justin Bell AKA “The Apprentice”


A student at the University of Ottawa, and an amateur writer, Justin Bell has always had a fascination with the medieval ages and the renaissance period. Raised on stories of dragons and middle earth, and playing such video games as Assassins Creed and Dragon Age, it was no surprise that he started his sword collection at the turn of the century with an “Excalibur” letter opener.

Since then his interest in all things medieval has only grown along with his collection of medieval weapons and armour and he can often be found training with a quarterstaff on the front lawn. Which is how he came to be acquainted with Daniel Kingsley and the Kingsley Armoury.

At first a patron at the Osgoode Medieval Faire, he quickly moved on to custom orders until he finally convinced Master Dan to put him to work. Now known as “The Apprentice”, he looks forward to mastering the craft of working with leather and meeting the many patrons who will grace the doors of the Kingsley Armoury.